Who knows…

Do we have just too much time to dwell on life in general, or could it be that we have evolved to the point where even if we are mega busy, cleaning, work, out with friends that our subconscious is still over analysing, scrutinising, over thinking all the other aspects of our life, all of the time.

Could that be why we feel the need to understand people, situations, thought processes.

Because ours never stops.

Even in sleep we dream, our mind lassoing talons to the furthermost reaches of our dream state.

This is what makes us human, so beautifully flawed human beings, we test ourselves, our surroundings, the very core that makes us who we are, all the time, now this could be construed as a good thing, it may of helped us, build bigger buildings, sow more crops, have more children BUT our ever expanding thought process is also a bind and a responsibility to ourselves and to others.

How can you tell a piece of hardware, for which or minds truly are, to stop, or at least to slow down as for thousands of years, we have just been asking it to do more, be more, say more.

We can’t, even though now we are at the point within our evolution that we can ease up, we just……can’t.

This is why I think we over think everything, make life hard for ourselves so we can have extra obstacles to climb over like we would have, self punish just so we can fix the fuck ups we make and keep learning (hmm, sometimes, ok not very often).

So, now we medicate, calm our rushing thoughts and restless legs, when really maybe we are meant to be depressed, maybe we are meant to self analyse as it’s just another progression of the human existence.

Or we are all just fucking nuts…..

Who knows…Let me think about it….



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