Words of unwisdom 

So, in the last post I touched upon the idea that our Mothers might mold the people we become.

I have been mulling over this, thinking I was shifting blame, or trying to justify the way we are with people.

And I’m pretty sure I’m right. With both.

I remember clearly being about 13, I know I must of been about that age as I was tubby and had a pixie hair cut. (why did you let me cut my hair…Saying that I would have cut it myself anyway) 13 year old, a misfit, too sharp and not clever enough, got dragged into the loo with my Mother, she peed and said to me ‘*******”just make sure you always get your end off first” I had no idea what she was talking about….At that time…

Now my Mothers moto, is and always has been, “I will not give advise, if you ask for it” So, I’m pretty sure I didn’t ask for it so it must have be worth taking note for.

And I did, when I was old enough, I got it, in so many ways, I don’t let cars go first if I can, I don’t put my dogs on the lead when I should, I never apologise unless I REALLY have to (or I do and it’s a lie and we both know it) and the last one….I always get my end away first, always. It is a good piece of advice for women, perhaps not for a 13 year old gamine…outcast…But still…….

Has this one moment in my Mothers drunken ramblings changed the course of how I see life.

I think yes.

Do I drink and smoke too much because she did? Did the strong willed, clever, warm, stupidly intelligent women indent in how I am.

I think yes.

So the real question is, in some of my drunken states, what the fuck have I said to the kids?!?

There is one thing I have ingrained into them…

With great beauty, whether it be body or mind or spirit, as we are all beautiful in our own ways, comes great responsibility, to yourself and to others.

(I do wish I listened to my own bullshit).

Everything we do and people we emotionally touch have a bitterfly effect, and no that’s not a typo, just being, is making a change, and living, sometimes to hard and too brash, can pass on a prod to someone else, we should try and be mindful of our actions (try, but rarely to succeed) make what we say and do a staged grace. We can’t though, as we are at the end of the day animals, we try and we we fail and we will fuck things and people up, it’s almost too poetic really.

So what will your words of wisdom be?

Never eat yellow snow…Can’t go wrong with that….


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