It would seem I have innate ability to see things which others don’t, as far as super human powers go it’s pretty shit.

I can spot a penny on the floor 400 metres away, a lost earring, not normally my own, I notice single white hairs on people I’m talking to, or a corner of a shirt they missed whilst ironing.

I can find four and five leaf clovers, I shit you not, I have about 10 and that’s minus the ones I’ve given away, it’s like my brain functions in a slightly tilted way.

So for all my clovers, five leafed or 4, my luck is pretty poor, if you believe in luck that is.

Is luck something that you can blame for mistakes, can they be blamed for a ‘lucky’ escape or missing the dog shit you were about to tread in or meeting people at certain times…

Is luck like the sister of coincidence? Could they been seen to be Gods? Are they Gods along with fate and serendipity, do they all sit down after a hard day of helping and hindering our mere mortal lives?

I hope so, as that means my fucking clovers might start working, they just haven’t got to me yet.

Or is there no such thing, are we all just getting away it. 

Or not, if that is that case. Could it be that wishful thinking (who was on holiday but just came back for a cuppa and a pensive gossip) can join in and if you have this, or them on your side then you can make your own luck, your own karma and your own destiny, with help of course.

It’s quite interesting really, I should feel luckier, as we have all grown up believing in lady Luck, hell I even took a Rabbits foot with me on my driving test (yes I passed first time), is the holding of a talisman that propels us to think we are lucky so therefore we become lucky, so in which case I must be the luckiest  girl in Oxfordshire.

I don’t feel it though, I don’t feel it at all.

Perhaps I should start believing in myself and the little green 1 in 20,000 finds, can’t prove it won’t work and I can’t disprove it will.

So this Xmas I will be giving them away as gifts, maybe the people that get them will feel just a touch better carrying it around, maybe that is what my odd gift really is, it’s not for me but to spread a little ‘why the hell not’.


As long as they remember me should a lotto win happen, hey, it’s worth a try right……


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