Knotted Cord

I’m starting to pick up life’s little matrix glitches, like, coincidence, there is a word for such a thing so it must be real……..

Then again we have words for ghosts, magic, souls, however none can be proven, but still it means enough to be used and in context and by many people over a lot of time.

So, why not, why can coincidence not be a coincidence but little pointers whether it’s the cosmic force or your own subblinally seeking mind eking out what you need without you realising it to be something real, why can’t we look for meanings in things that we hear and see, but without a religious net.

It happens to me, hell it probably happens to everyone but sometimes it’s strikingly obviously. 

Just last week I got in my car to go to work and a song came on – Utah Saints – ‘Something Good’….Great track, get into work and the sample of Kate Bush singing the same song but to a techno beat…Ok, then on my way home the original song came on the radio. 
What is the likelihood of that happening, so I took it as a sign, whether it was or not didn’t matter, something good was going to happen, why the fuck not.

What if we are all too busy with mediocre crap forced upon us to notice that the cosmos speaks to us, dreams, instincts, thoughts suppressed as blasé nonsense could be


Or nothing 

Or something, I prefer the something, but I’m scared of the something, it could mean that we aren’t masters of what we want but players allowed enough to hang or save ourselves. 

So I’ll rather a knotted cord then a noose any day 

Could be something good.


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